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Bolin: We mainly just practice doing our moves and trying to plan out what we’re going to do during a probending match!

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Why is Bolin so hot? Mako if you're reading this; TELL ME.


Bolin: Because…

Bolin: But in all honesty… Good genes I guess…?


May 23rd


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But here, have some LoK chibis!


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately guys! I’ve been having a lot of stress with school.

But feel free to put some questions in for the Fire Ferrets!

Mako: Here’s an old photo of Bolin I found when he was a toddler. He wasn’t that much of a bother unless he was getting into trouble with some of the kids.

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Do you think having korra as the avatar on your team gives you guys an unfair advantage?


Mako: I don’t think so since she still has a lot to learn like the rest of us but Bolin probably thinks otherwise.

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so... mako, bolin, korra. threesome?


Mako: Well ever since we lost our parents we’ve been really short on money… So instead of finding really stressful work when we were little we started practicing bending so we could enter the pro bending and get money. This seemed like a good fit for Bolin since he doesn’t handle stress very well.

Plus it’s a fun way to make money and get closer with my brother!

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He almost cost us our spot in the Pro Bending Tournament So I better not ever see him.

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